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Ines Sastre - Biography & Career

Born in Valladolid (and not in Madrid) the 21st of November 1973, Ines was quickly registered in a bilingual school (french-spanish). It's the reason why she speaks french fluently (but she also speaks perfectly italian and english).

One day, when she was 12, she went with a friend to a casting for a fast-food commercial. She was selected and thanks to this commercial, Carlos Saura noticed her and chose her to play in "El dorado" with Lambert Wilson (1987).

Then, in 1989, she won the Elite supermodel contest, the famous look of the year. But, and I think it happened only once, she refused to sign the contract with the agency because she prefered to continue her studies. Three years later, she moved to Paris to start her university studies (in La Sorbonne University).

The next years were very busy : a training period at the Unesco, a degree in french literature, a movie with Antonioni ("Beyond the clouds"), a lot of commercials (Vivelle, Rodier, Max Factor, Chaumet etc...), a lot of "defiles" (Chanel, Michel Klein, Genny, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Corinne Cobson, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Fendi, Paco Rabanne, Sonia Rykiel...).

But, the main event for Ines in 1996 is the 3 years contract with Lancome : Ines is the new face of Tresor, the famous perfume, succeeding Isabella Rossellini.

This contract allows Ines to organize her life as she wants. So, though she had received a lot of scrips or movie proposals after "Beyond the clouds", she only started to do her new movie in April 1997 : "Il testimone dello sposo". The director is Pupi Avati and the name of Ines' character is Francesca Babini. It takes place in the beginning of the century, the favourite epoch of Ines. It's a romantic movie and we can see Ines wearing a beautiful wedding-dress! Ines loves costume movies!

After the summer holidays, she continued her graduate studies in medieval literature which turned on troubadours' songs. Ines is fascinated by the Middle Ages: she's even able to sing the Perceval legend in old-french!

Her next movie was, for television, "Le comte de Monte-Cristo" with Gerard Depardieu.

A big surprise for Ines' fans in early July 1997: she dyed her hair into light auburn for the needs of a commercial. Fortunately, it was only for a few days!

In October, Ines won the natural beauty trophy at the '97 Fashion Awards in Paris. In 1998, Ines became the Lancome face throughout the world and tried to devote more time to her part as Unicef ambassadress.

Two shooting occured in 1999. In Spring, Ines did a movie in Argentina with director Javier Torre : she acts the role of Argentinian writer Estela Canto, a friend of Jorge Luis Borges. In October, she started to shoot a new movie in Bulgaria with Christophe Lambert and director Jacques Dorfmann: she has the leading female role in this movie about the Gallic chief Vercingetorix.

In 2000, Ines was selected as the leading host of the Italian Music Festival of San Remo (21st/26th of February). It's a kind of consecration for Ines which underlines her popularity in Italy. More informations are available in the San Remo Festival site.

During the summer of this year, she did the shooting of "Vidocq", a movie directed by Pitof in the surroundings of Paris with Gerard Depardieu and Guillaume Canet.

The last quarter of 2000 is marked by the comeback of Ines in the spanish film business : she shooted "Torrente 2, Mision en Marbella", a comedy directed by Santiago Segura. Torrente is a famous spanish detective who falls in love with a singer played by Ines...

The following years were still very active with her work with Lancome and with various projects, mainly in France and in Italy like the movie "Io No". But the milestone year is without any doubt 2006 ! During this year, her movie with Andy Garcia, "The Lost City" was released. And, in April, she married her friend Alexandro Corrias in the Brompton Oratory Church of Chelsea. And she's currently pregnant with her first child.