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Heather Kozar - Biography & Career

Heather Kozar was born May 4th, 1976, in Akron, Ohio. Raised in a strict Christian home, Heather was not allowed to watch anything that contained sex or cursing, especially soap operas as they were deemed too provocative.

Growing up in a sheltered environment and suffering from low self-esteem while in high school, the blue-eyed blonde surely didn't know the impact she would have on males everywhere, due in large part to her relationship with Hugh Hefner... and his magazine, that is.

The 1994 Green High School graduate appeared in the Play.boy Video Play.mate Calendar in 1999 and 2000, Play.mates of the Year: The '90s (a retrospective of the past Play.mates of the decade in 1999), Play.mate Pajama Party in 1999, and the Play.boy Video Centerfold: Play.mate of the Year Heather Kozar in 1999.

As one can see, Heather was honored with the titles of January 1998 Play.mate of the Month, and reigned as Play.mate of the Year in 1999. Part of those duties include appearances at the Play.boy Expo in 1999, and being a regular housemate in the Play.boy mansion.

Heather has also made non-adult appearances in 1999, in WWF Smackdown!, Shasta McNasty (as did Lisa Boyle), Rescue 77, a Wendy's commercial, and the requisite Play.mate pit stop, The Howard Stern Show. She would do more acting gigs if she had more time for auditions.

Her latest stint features her joining a bevy of beauties, Barker's beauties to be exact, as a model for The Price is Right. Previous famous Price is Right Models include Gena Lee Nolin and Cindy Margolis.

Heather is engaged, and still keeping busy with the Play.mate after-buzz. In 10 years, she hopes to be married and a mother, and appear on a show like Entertainment Tonight.